C.O.T.E. Create Opportunity Through Education

Create Opportunity Through Education. It’s what I’m passionate about and why I’m asking for your help to support this uplifting cause.

The main purpose of this 501(c)(3) organization is to provide access and education to students with limited income so they can obtain a professional license in the nursing field. This would ultimately lead to employment and upward mobility by gaining experience in the medical workplace, and fostering relationships with various medical professionals.

Funds raised by donors who are passionate about the cause will help pay for scholarships to ensure funding for courses for students at Allied Health Training Institute. They would be able to obtain a New Jersey State Professional License and employment for a Certified Nurse Aide and Certified Home Health Aide in various counties in New Jersey.

Acceptance shall be made available to all individuals age 17 and older, regardless of color or creed. In order to qualify for acceptance, applicants must be employed or possess a Promise of Employment in a facility that employs Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) or Certified Home Health Assistants (CHHA).  Also, the applicant can be enrolled in college on a path to become a Registered Nurse, Licensed Professional Nurse, or Physician’s Assistant.

By creating this fundraiser, my hope is to help lift the financial burden so these students can easily envision themselves as successful medical professionals by being able to complete the courses, obtain a license and gain real-world experience in a medical environment.

Every donation counts, whether big or small, and I very much appreciate any and all support to help further the education of these students and provide them with the necessary tools to follow their dreams.

Thank you,
Ilene Demling, RN, President
Founder – C.O.T.E. ~ Create Opportunity Through Education
President – Allied Health Training Institute, Northfield, NJ